Made by Choice

There is no life if we don’t have the unwavering right to choose.

Here are some facts that shed light on the reality of individual circumstances.

  • There are many circumstances why someone might choose to have an abortion.

    • Abortion is essential for people who are unable to continue a pregnancy due to medical reasons or who need to end a wanted pregnancy in order to protect their health or well-being. 1 2
    • Legal exceptions (rape, incest, or when it's medically necessary to save the pregnant person's life) to abortion bans limit access to safe and legal abortions. This is because exceptions, even when written into law, may still be subject to arbitrary interpretation by lawmakers and courts. 3 4 5 6
  • Abortion is for anyone, no matter their age and even if they already have children.

    • Pregnant people of all ages can seek abortions for a variety of reasons, including health concerns, financial implications, and personal reasons.
    • 60% of people who have an abortion are already parents. 7 8
    • Five years after getting an abortion, 95% of people don't regret it. 9 10 11
  • Abortion is very safe; complications are rare.

    • Abortion has a lower risk of complications than giving birth (legal abortion is 14x safer than childbirth). 12
    • Abortion pills are medically safe and effective for pregnancies up to 12 weeks 13, and are safer than taking Tylenol. 14
  • Abortion access varies depending on where you live.

    • Abortion access varies by state, and with increased regulation, some pregnant people may have to travel long distances or face other barriers, such as waiting periods, mandatory counseling, and parental consent requirements. 15 16 17 18
    • A total of 19 states have moved to ban or restrict abortion following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and end all federal protections for abortion. 19
    • Patients who now have to travel out of state for abortion care often have to wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment, pushing them past the legal gestational limit for an abortion. 20
  • Emergency contraception (aka the Morning After Pill) is different from abortion medication.

    • The morning-after pill does not cause abortion and cannot terminate an existing pregnancy, nor will it affect an embryo that is already developing. The morning-after pill works to prevent pregnancy before it can even start, and is available over-the-counter in every state. 21
    • The abortion pill is not the same as the morning-after pill. The abortion pill is used to terminate a pregnancy (that has already occurred) via medication, and can be used up to 70 days after the first day of your last menstrual period. 22


The below is provided by our partners.

  • AFF


    Abortion Freedom Fund is a national abortion fund that helps pay for telehealth abortions while also supporting and uplifting all avenues of abortion care and access. AFF was co-founded in June 2022 by three clinicians with combined experience in both in-person and telehealth abortion care. Our mission is to help pregnant people take control of their healthcare and futures by dismantling medicalized control of abortion and encouraging a world where abortion pills are over the counter.

  • WISP


    As the leading sexual and reproductive telehealth service, wisp is committed to providing specialized services to address the most intimate of issues - from bacterial vaginosis to herpes. Since its launch in 2018, wisp’s mission has always been to make sexual healthcare inclusive, cost-effective, and accessible—for everyone. Whether patients need a quick prescription or a trusted over-the-counter remedy, wisp connects them with real-time providers and guides to help safely navigate symptoms and get back on track.

  • Plan C

    Plan C

    Plan C is an evidence-based information campaign for abortion pill access in the US that provides information on abortion pills, including where they’re found online and how they’re used for a safe home abortion.

  • Stix


    Stix is a vaginal and reproductive health brand that offers discreet and effective at-home tests for pregnancy, ovulation, UTIs, and yeast infections, as well as medications including a morning-after pill, pain-relief, and treatments. These cult-favorite products are clinically-tested and competitively priced, all while destigmatizing health issues, eliminating judgment, expanding accessibility, and delivering peace of mind. Stix prides itself on delivering these products in a discreet and confidential way, all while offering up no-judgment information and products that empower confident health decisions.

  • Mayday


    Mayday runs the leading 501(c)(3) education campaign on how to access abortion pills in states without clinics. Most Americans don’t know that abortion pills exist and aren’t “morning-after” pills. Mayday is here to change that.

  • August


    August is the first period product brand truly built for Generation Z. August is making products more comfortable, effective, and sustainable, with an experience that is empowering and reframes periods to be powerful rather than shameful. They currently offer tampons and pads, and are known for their viral social media content and customizable period subscription boxes.

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